Maj Shukar Desh – Album by Lolo Lovina

Lolo Lovina Artwork

RromAntics! – Album by Lolo Lovina

Rroma Sapien – Album by Lolo Lovina

Baro Love – Album by Lolo Lovina

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‘Excellent new, vibrant album (RromAntics!) from world-touring, Sydney-based Rrom music band..’
Lucky Oceans, The Daily Planet, ABC Radio National 2016

“..two especial strengths glue the components into a cohesive whole. One is the sheer fun factor: you hear the players enjoying themselves as tangibly as you hear the sound of the drums, saxophone or accordion. The other is Sarah Bedak’s voice, which never loses its identity, despite being malleable enough to be breathy, teasing, seductive or vigorous.” 3.5 STAR review of RromAntics, John Shand Sydney Morning Herald 2016

“…Traditional Gypsy tunes alternate with Lolo originals here, and the arrangements are solid, tight, classy and brassy..” 4 STAR review of Rroma Sapien in Songlines Magazine, UK. June 2016

(Lolo Lovina)…have created an album that swings from traditional to groundbreaking  music, all imbued with a tremendous sense of fun’ Lucky Oceans, The Daily Planet ABC Radio National, 2015′ Lolo Lovina_Romasapien_cover


Maj Shukar Desh

Independently released with MGM Distribution. 16 March 2018


Independently released with MGM Distribution, 9 September 2016

Rroma Sapien

Independently released with MGM Distribution, 20 February 2015

Baro Love

Independently released with MGM Distribution 25 February 2009