28828719_10156165157670883_1195293563407977727_o“YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE, THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MUSIC”


Lolo Lovina (‘Red Beer’) is an intoxicating brew infused with Unza, Swing and Balkan Gypsy beats. Fronted by Australian born Hungarian Romani- Gypsy singer Sarah Bedak. ‘Lolo Lovina`s music reflects the cosmopolitan identity of an artist, who grew up with three native tongues and cultures. The charming and passionate performance of their charismatic singer makes each concert a unique experience.’ Sarah’s Serbian / Berliner Romani-Gypsy husband Nenad Radic is drummer and guitarist.  Sourcing musicians from around the globe to collaborate on their recording, touring and artistic projects, Lolo Lovina features David Carr on guitar and banjo (Syd) & Nathan Gatt on double bass (Syd).   Lolo Lovina have played at the Opera House Sydney, Havana World Music Festival in Cuba, Guca Festival Serbia, in New Caledonia, Macau, across East & West Europe and have played offical showcases at SXSW, Austin Texas. Lolo Lovina’s album Rroma Sapien received a 4 Star review in the London-based World Music magazine ‘Songlines’ (June 2016)  with Rroma Sapien and RromAntcis both being featured albums on  ABC Radio Nationals program, ‘The Daily Planet’



Photo: Miguel Buendia